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Captain Mira Bernhard is finally home after a lengthy mission to the new planet, GAIA – humanity’s last hope. But what’s only been a 5-year trip for her, has been 45-year wait for her husband.

“ARK” by Soma Helmi

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“ARK” Credits:
Director/Writer – Soma Helmi
Producer – Nelson Cruz
UPM/1st AD – Herman Phillips
Editor – Gillian Hutshing
Music Composer- Aaron Gihuist
DP/Cam Op – Kayla Hoff
Steadicam Op – Daniel Wurschl
1st AC – Alyssa Renzi
1st AC – Maggie Astle
Still Photographer – Jessica Perez
Chief Lighting Technician – Nick Durr
Additional G&E – Rebekah Lloyd
Key Grip- Dave Wilwayco
Key Grip – Noah Kelly
Grip – Emma Juncosa
Sound Mixer/Boom Op – Stephanie Roberts
Production Designer – Melissa Lahti
Set Dresser/Props – Gabriel Paxton
Head Hair/Makeup – Kelly Anno
Costume Designer – Conee Pratt
Set Costumer – Liz Larson
Production Assistant – Michaela McLeod
Production Assistant – KC Schomas
Production Assistant – Caroline Mobley
Production Assistant – Jon Hook
Sound Editor – Wes Jones
Colorist – Dylan Hageman
VFX Supervisor – Peter Crosman
VFX Artist – Casey Balbontin

Peter Bernhard – Patrick Gorman
Cpt Mira Bernhard – Sheila Cutchlow
Young Peter – Jeff Odachowski
Lt. Buttercrust – Isaac Lubow
Radio Announcer – Nelson Cruz
Mira Stand-in – April Coffee

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