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Did you ever wonder what will the future of health-care hold? How will advances in medical A.I. change our lives? Will algorithms eclipse doctors entirely? We hope not. Instant Doctor is a short film to show appreciation for doctors and health-care human workers everywhere.

“Instant Doctor” by Diogo Gameiro

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“Instant Doctor” Credits:
Directors: Diogo Gameiro + Youth
Written by: Bianca Troncone, David Stemler, Bernardo Romero, Diogo Gameiro and The Youth
Production Company: The Youth
Starring: Fernando Alves Pinto
Executive Producer: Bernardo Romero and Eduardo Lubiazi
Director of Photography: Yuri Maranhão
Line Producer: Nani Matias
Editor: Diogo Gameiro, João Machado
Original Music: Jamute
Sound Design & Mix: Jamute
Colorist: Spalva – Osmar Junior

First Assistant Director: Andreia Campos
First Assistant Camera: Rodrigo Briza
Second Assistant Camera: Adriano Araujo
Video Assist: Carlos Eduardo
Logger: Maria Machado
Gaffer: Ricardo Pirolla
Key Grip: Flavio Romão
Wardrobe: Luciana Carvalho
Hair & Makeup: Lili Aptz
Prop Master: Mini Arte – Renato Hollanda
Production Coordinator – Carol Cherobin
Production Assistant: Daniel Maia
Production Assistant: Kayane Cabral
Production Assistant: Adriane Lira
Production Assistant: Ulisses Sant Anna
Production Assistant: Vinicius Camala
Stagehand: Rodrigo Bernardi
Location Producer: Dudu

Sound Engineer: Audio Nuclear
VFX: Warriors VFX
VFX Producer: Diogo Gameiro
Motion Designer: Janaina da Veiga

Casting Producer: Renata Scheidt and Flavia Cocoza
Mom sleeping: Luciana Tavares
Child: Julia Sena

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