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A woman travels in time to save another woman’s life but the risk could be far reaching for her own reality.

“Tethers” by Matthew Steele Finley

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“Tethers” Credits:
Written by
Jonathan Horne
James Legg

Directed by
Matthew Steele Finley

Produced by
Justin Torrence
Alicia Kelley

Director of PhotographyBryan Tan

Anna – Abigail Williams
Rachel – Alicia Kelley
Operator – Larry Herring
Guest 1 – Vivienne Clifton
Guest 2 – Morris Hill
Guest 3 – Jesse Scimeca
Guest 4 – Alysia Brayan
Guest 5 – Justin Torrence
Guest 6 – Viviana Chavez
Guest 7 – Jessica Doehling
Guest 8 – Nicky Knodle
Guest 9 – Jonathan Horne

1st Assistant Director
Justin Torrence

1st AC
Jesse Scimeca

Gaffer & GripJohn-Henry Ball

Edited by
Viviana Chavez
Matthew Steele Finley

Vivienne Clifton

Art Department
Nicky Knodle

Crafter Services
Jessica Doehling

Morris Hill

Production Assistants
Leah Anderson
Morris Hill

Special thanks to
Edwin Beausoleil
Isaac Dietz

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