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We finally get to see the Aftermath of Alpha’s death. Carol is not happy that Negan took longer than expected to kill Alpha. She goes back on her word and leaves Negan to fend for himself. Carol starts hallucinating about Alpha, and her deepest darkest fears come to light once again. She’s finally able to get Alpha out of her head, but you can still see the pain that surrounds Carol. Meanwhile Negan is being held hostage by Darryl, but the roles reverse when two whisperers find them and announce that Negan is now king. Negan pulls a fast one and kills the whisperers and rescued Darryl.
Ezekiel’s cancer is starting to overcome him, but he still decides to go with the group to find The person who Eugene has been taking to. They arrive in a city where walkers are tied up to different objects, a girl then greets our heroes. Is she a friend or a foe? We’ll have to wait and see.
This After Show was hosted by Benny Adams, April Whisenhant, and Cedric Welton.
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